Nail Designs with Rhinestones and Jewel Studs


Ready for some bling nails? Aside from colors of nail polish, designs with rhinestones and studs is now becoming a trend. No need for a party invitation to sport these, they look really great and stunning with casual outfits. In fact, it adds a bit of sparkle to an entire sophisticated look.

Some artists combine rhinestone studs with matte nail polish, or for the ultra sparkle look, with glitters. They’re also popular on weddings,  technicians add 3D nail art with rhinestones as the centerpiece. But if you’re not too keen on drawing too much attention on sparkling fingernails, you can put rhinestones on one finger only, and the rest with colored  polish. Don’t be afraid to experiment with jewels, in fact, it is quite easy to apply. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need the following:

  • Nail polish (base and top coat)
  • Jewel Nail Stickers/ rhinestones
  • Tweezers
  • A sharp-tipped object

Nail rhinestones can be bought as sticker strips, or as loose studs packaged on small craft containers. To get different colors and other cuts, you can buy rhinestones and studs in packages online or on a local craft store.

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How to apply

  1. Start designing your nails by applying a nail polish base coat. Make sure that it is applied smoothly and evenly to avoid bumps and future crack formations. Two coats should be enough to avoid applying it too thick.
  2. (Optional) If you want, extract your creative juices and design your nail bed with nail polish. An advice, select a pattern where you can incorporate the rhinestones after.
  3. Clean the skin area surrounding the nail bed to ensure an impeccable and professionally-applied look. It is best to use acetone-based polish remover.
  4. Let the nail polish dry- you cannot apply jewels on moist nail bed for it will affect the adherence. The rhinestones and studs will not stick.
  5. Using tweezers to gently pick up the jewels, carefully place them to your desired space. Use a sharp-tipped object to gently push the bling in place and sticks.
  6. Once you are done with your rhinestone nail design, apply a top coat to ensure that they will not fall off. Hurray! You can now enjoy your jeweled nails.

How to Take Care of Your Bling Nails

The downside of having jewel-designed nails is that it tends to fall off over time. Don’t fret; by taking good care of it, you are most responsible in keeping it in place for a while.

  • Painting and designing you nails can be addictive so don’t do it just to indulge yourself. This will make you spending much, not cost-effective at all. Do this artsy work when the need arise- when invited to a party or get together.
  • Please ensure that they are dry when applying the stones. U can use an easy-to-dry nail polish to ensure that it will not fall off, damaging what you have started.
  • When applying the rhinestones or studs, make sure they don’t overlap each other, or else it will falter easily. You wouldn’t want that, right
  • Aim for simplicity. Don’t cover the whole of the nail bed with studs. If one or two will drop off, it will create a rather unattractive space.
  • When finished, let your hands rest for a while, diverting from any excessive hand activity. Movement and gravity can mess it up, don’t you think.
  • After placement, avoid holding moist objects or soaking your hands in water, it will affect the sticking property of the nail and the integrity of the top coat, at the same time decreasing its shiny quality.

Hope this tips are of great help. Be glamorous, sport bejeweled nails!

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